The Pillars consumer profiles

The Pillars Hotel is known for its casual atmosphere and its charming experience. With this in mind, I constructed three consumer profiles for the Pillars.

The first profile I named Patricia Pennings, and she is representative of the end user. Sixty-year-old Pennings is retired and enjoys vacationing with her husband. After working hard for 30 years as the CEO of a small company, Pennings has accumulated a nice retirement fund that her and her husband thoroughly take advantage of. They enjoy socializing with friends and taking vacations to exotic locations- near or far.

She lives lavishly and enjoys the finer things in life. Currently, her and her husband have been exploring their interest in water activities like yachting, and typically turn to their friends for recommendations on the best places. She doesn’t like when things do not work as promised and highly values a strong customer service presence, and often consults websites like TripAdvisor to find out these things.

Lastly, Pennings is not the most technologically savvy, but she does enjoy a good newspaper with her morning coffee. She checks Facebook to stay in touch with her grandchildren, but still isn’t entirely sure how to post.

The next profile is Jack Downing, a dashing single 45-year-old who is devoted to work life. He is the assistant CFO to a small company and has worked with them for 15 years. He travels for work, especially to entertain business contacts and assist in making deals. He expects a quiet area for meetings and a good area for outings to occur. He is picky, and does not skimp, but also looks for the best value for his dollar.

Downing, as most business people have to be, is very in tune with technology. He gets regular news updates to his Macbook Air, and has a phone strictly for business updates. He is an avid newspaper reader but only reads the New York Times. As a consumer he only does research online, and ensures that something is highly rated before purchasing.

Lastly, my technical buyer is Alicia Simpson, the 40-year-old Editor-in-Chief of a prestigious travel magazine. She has a very high salary, and often devotes much of it to self care. She pampers herself, but only because she works incredibly hard and does so well at her job. She went straight from her college paper to being an editor, and slowly worked her way up in the corporate structure. She now takes business trips around the world and spends most of her time in places writing for her blog and finding ideas for the magazine’s staff writers.

Simpson is a social media socialite, and she can’t be seen without her iPhone. Everything she does is “insta-worthy.” Her happy place is the beach, and her one true companion is her dog. She is meticulous when it comes to spotting errors and relies on having trust-worthy people around her. She often takes advantage of her wide range of connections in her business and hunts for new experiences through friends. She is always online researching and finding out where the next hot thing will be.


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