Carousel Ads

This summer I was employed at The Pillars Hotel, and part of my job was handling the social media side of marketing efforts. In this capacity I made multiple Facebook ads for the hotel, mostly featuring the current special offers. When I started to come up with ideas for the best possible carousel ad, I went immediately to the “Special Offers” tab on The Pillars Hotel website.


I selected the first offer because I felt that it would have the widest appeal, rather than a strictly “romantic” offer. Because of the work I did over the summer I still have access to the summer photo shoot the hotel did, which perfectly showcases the suites the hotel has to offer.

I captioned the ad with the offer’s details, and provided a “learn more” button so that customers can be redirected to the hotels website where they are greeted with a “Make a Reservation” button. I captioned each picture with relevant information, including the name of the suite that is pictured so that guest will know what to look for when booking. Additionally, one of the pictures includes a nicely dressed woman sitting in the room and interacting with the environment, to add realism to the ad. Additionally, the caption for that picture shows off one of the many services the hotel offers to entice more customers.

In lecture this week we learned that all parts of a carousel ad should be cohesive and tell a story, so all of the pictures have the same lighting, and they move you through the room as if you were really there looking at it. I used multiple tactics suggested by the lecture, including highlighting details of a product, creating a wider experience and promotion through lifestyle imagery.

Between 83 and 87 percent of travel decisions are made by women, which is why I pictured a women and also why I have chosen to target the ad to women in the bigger cities in Florida. The Pillars tends to attract an older consumer base, so I limited the ad to women between the ages of 30-65+, specifically those interested in boutique hotels, travel and relaxation.

The ad is budgeted to run daily for seven days starting the 21st of February, which should be plenty of time and money to reach a large amount of our audience. After that we could assess how much traffic we received from the ad and see if it is worth running again. Also pictured above is the mobile version of the ad, which shows how nicely it converts over. Ideally this would be posted from the company Facebook so it would be from the Pillars and not from my business Facebook.

Overall I truly believe that, given the ads I ran this summer, this would be incredibly effective in driving traffic back to the website and getting reservations made directly through the company rather than a third party.


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