Snapchat story for The Pillars

I created this snap story using more of the photos I had from this summer, and I also used a concept we started on The Pillars Instagram during my time as marketing director. All of the promotional photos taken for the hotel over the summer featured the same model, so we called her “Ms.Pillars.” About once a week, we planned to post a new section of Ms.Pillars stay with us. The first week she checked in, and then we went from there.

I used 12 panels to make up the snapchat story, and if implemented in real life I would plan to post them once ever 15 minutes starting around 10 am, that way they are active for most of the day so people can see the whole story together. Ideally, I would have the full quality images on my cell phone, but for the purposes of this exercise I took pictures of my computer screen.

In this story, I chose to showcase the product, which is the hotel and the services it has to offer guests. These include 24/7 room service as well as dining on the dock. Businesses can also look for new employees, run contests, or ask for suggestions through snapchat stories. The Pillars Hotel frequently hosts weddings, so it would be interesting to have a story from start to finish of the whole process. Additionally, the chef could announce new menu items for the restaurant, or the management could announce new amenities to guests. Since the hotel is right down the street from Fort Lauderdale Beach, they could snap fun or interesting events happening on the beach, such as a 5K run or a festival.

When I started the assignment I didn’t think that Snapchat was a good fit for my business, since we mostly target an older demographic, but as I have continued to brainstorm I can see its benefits. There are so many opening for fun and engaging stories, especially focusing on different things to do around the area.I use snapchat daily for personal use, but I just typically post silly things like my cats playing with each other or things my sorority is doing. A majority of my friends are on the platform, so it’s my main form of connection to my peers.

Over all I think that Snapchat is a very large opportunity for brands to connect to millennials. As with Audi’s Superbowl campaign, theres also the chance to garner national attention through the collective story feature. If used properly, Snapchat is definitely an asset to a businesses marketing plan.


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