Content Communities

On a personal level, I have been a fan of content communities for a while, especially Pinterest. I go on Pinterest daily and often rely on it for outfit ideas as well as ideas on what to craft next for my sorority. Often times I find myself pinning posts from brands without realizing it, and I end up clicking through and landing on their website.

Out of the platforms discussed in lecture this week, I definitely utilize Pinterest the most. I use YouTube mostly to post assignments for my classes, but I do occasionally watch a “How-To” video or a vlog that my friends recommend. Indirectly I end up using YouTube almost daily as it is embedded in most common social media websites. For a brand, posting ads and other videos on YouTube, as well as sponsoring vlogs or other popular YouTubers, is a very good way to get your content shared widely.

When users on social media see something that they think is funny or interesting, they are likely to share the video, which exposes all of their followers and friends to your brands content, and the growth of exposure is exponential from there. If utilized properly, YouTube can be very effective in sharing your brand and brand message.

For the Pillars Hotel I opted to make a Pinterest board and a Flickr album. The Flickr album is a really good way to share high definition pictures of the hotel, all of which were taken last summer and showcase different amenities and areas of the hotel. The Pinterest board utilized different posts made over the years from bloggers who visited the hotel, as well as lists of fun things to do in the area. In the future, my goal for the hotel would be to have it’s own Pinterest so that these things could be split up into multiple boards. Some of my ideas for boards include “things to do in Fort Lauderdale,” “Pictures,” “Ms.Pillars,” and “Blog.” In the future these could be expanded to include other areas as well as be refined to see which ones are working and which ones are not.


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